by Alexandre Dias Ramos

| versão em português |

Visiting a friend, a country or an art exhibition takes us to a place that is not ours and lets us experience someone else’s life. It allows us to see new worlds and to teach and learn from other people. We leave different from when we entered. It is this space between entrance and exit that interests us.

The visit need not be formal, nor even happen in an appropriate location. More and more we can see that the artistic (and curatorial) experience has long ceased to be exclusive to canonical temples and has begun to inhabit countless places. It can be a museum, but it can also be our town or our living room.

It’s less about the things themselves and more about the process and the dialogue to reach them. VISIT magazine presents a little about this process: the research, the preparation and the insight around the art world. It’s a space to share ideas and perceptions from specific points of view. And, as in any good conversation, we’ll have several of them here.

Welcome. Come on in.