VISIT intends to foster reflection and dialogue about museums’ actions, conceptualizations, and the social issues involved in the curatorial process.

The choice in curating allows us to think about museology, architecture, historical heritage, production, art agents, audiences, and educational projects.

There are many art magazines that talk about fully mounted exhibitions, but few address the research and production process, i.e., the backstage. We invite everyone to visit from a different point of view.

VISIT is published twice a year, in April and October.


In hard copy, VISIT is distributed mainly, but not exclusively, in the cities of Toronto, Montreal (Canada), and New York (USA) in selected bookstores, museums, galleries, and art institutions, which contribute greatly to the expansion of dialogue about curating in the art world. If you want to have VISIT magazine in your institution, please write to distribution@visitmagazine.org

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