Issue #3

For good or ill, there can be no doubt as to the importance of institutions for the art world. These organizations structure and provide visibility for artistic production, but also put limitations on many artists and projects, for reasons that are not always strictly speaking artistic in nature.

This issue reflects a little on these matters, from the point of view of exhibition design, physical location, performance, ethnicity, neoliberalism and sociology of art. Above all, the articles show that there is no single definition of an “institution” and that variations reflect contexts which we should fight for or against… in our ongoing struggle to ensure that art can be exhibited to the public in the best possible way.



Toward the future of design museography . by Erica Manetta


Museum of public concerns . by Mabe Bethônico

Questions from a miner who readsby Anselm Jappe


Acting out: pointing in the museumby Brendan Fernandes and Amanda Jane Graham

Comments on art institutions and practicesedited by Leanne Elizabeth Simaan (with Isabel Yellin, Svea Ferguson, Oliver Pauk, Gazelle Samizay, Brendan George Ko, Lara Salmon, and Eric Mack)


The code of the game . by Alexandre Dias Ramos

About Issue #3


CoverPerformance In Touch, by Brendan Fernandes, in the opening of Disguise: Masks and Global African Art exhibition (Oct. 18th, 2015) at Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.