Issue #2

First off, we would like to thank everyone for the incredible reception, support and success that the first issue of this magazine enjoyed. It was extremely well received in various places and events and, over the past six months, we have had the pleasure of conversing, on numerous occasions, about the fascinating process of exhibiting art. Many thanks to the artistic community for embracing this project.

And now we have arrived at our second issue. Although VISIT does not have special editions on specific themes, there are clearly some common threads that connect the articles. In some instances, they have been chosen and arranged in order to complement one another, in other cases, they are meant to show contrast, and thus create, along with the reader, a critical experience of our favourite subject: curating art. To some extent, all of the articles in this issue are connected to architecture and the process of architecting, whether through a physical relationship to space or through the planning of projects and ideas. How can architecture contribute to or inhibit creativity? How do people in the art world deal with art space, which is physical, but also social?

This issue also brings together in conversation: Mia Nielsen with Lukus Toane, Camila Kieling with Barbara Strongin, Jennifer Fisher with Jim Drobnick (of course), and Dax Morrison with Su-Ying Lee. Furthermore, there are esteemed contributions by Bianca Lupo, April Lee and Grayson Perry, which alone make it worth a visit.

So, enjoy!



Architecture and new technologies: the museum as mass phenomenon.   by Bianca Lupo

Pieta in New York: an incredible loan . by Camila Kieling

The logistical challenges of moving a priceless work of art.   by Barbara Strongin


Shop series . by Dax Morrison

Dax Morrison’s Shop series . by Su-Ying Lee

Cartoons . by Grayson Perry


Far beyond the white cube: the Drake and Gladstone Hotels . by Alexandre Dias Ramos, Mia Nielsen, and Lukus Toane


Curating the city: Collectioneering and the affects of display. by Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick

Horoscope . by April Lee


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